Online Membership Registration

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Family Membership

The traditional two parent family and their children (21 years of age and under) living in the same house.


Single Parent Membership

One parent and their children (21 years of age and under).


Couples Membership

Two persons residing at the same address or separately. This can also be a single parent with one child.


Grandparent's Membership

Grandparents bringing their grandchildren (21 years of age or younger).


Grandparent's Weekly

Designed for grandparents who will have grandchildren visiting for only a week or two during the summer.


Single Person Membership

Any adult (age 21-55) joining as an individual


Student / Senior Citizen Membership

Any person with a valid student I.D. or person over age 55. (Please include a copy of your student I.D. in your membership information.) Students must be 12 years old to come to the pool without an adult.

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Membership fees may be discounted by providing service to the pool. We have many options for a "working membership" including cleaning, weeding, carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. Anyone interested in these options please email us at

Kensington Park Pool - 101 Althea Ct. Savannah, Ga. 31405